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Review: Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie

Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye Mystery, #2)Title: Better Read Than Dead 
Author: Victoria Laurie 
Publisher: Signet
Publishing Date: June 7th 2005
Pages: 296
Genre: Adult Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Series:  Psychic Eye Mystery #2 
Source:  audio
Word of Abby's talents reading tarot cards has reached a mob boss who wants her help in some business matters and he doesn't take no for an answer. When the police seek out her psychic intuition to shed light on a masked man who's been attacking women, Abby finds herself working both sides of the law on her own, leading her to wonder, why didn't I see this coming?

I read the first book a bit ago and loved it. I was excited to read the second book and continue on with this series. The second book did not disappoint. I loved it. More danger, intense story, and some relationship issues. I really enjoyed the mob being involved in this story. I thought it was fun and pretty scary. It was a very exciting read.

Abby has a new boyfriend, some money stashed, and her business seems to be doing good. All is well until the storm hits. First Dutch has a new partner with his new job with the FBI. A good looking annoying blonde woman. Some jealousy comes through and a little bit of a rift forms between abbey and dutch. If that isn’t bad enough, Abby agrees to do some tarot reading at a wedding and finds she has read for a hit man and the wedding is for the daughter of a mob boss. Great. After bolting from the party early Abby gets a visit from the mob boss himself. She has to amend for leaving early and do a special reading… which leads to her becoming a notice to the mob boss. So he wants her to work for him, she says no, and this leads to a bunch of bad crap that leaves her in some pretty dangerous situations… oh and there is a serial rapist in her town and the cops won't listen to a word she has to say about the guy. So yup things are pretty bad for Abby.

There was so much going on in this book. I loved it. Not a slow moment at all. Between the serial rapist and the mob boss, Abby has her hands full. Of course, this is all happening when Dutch is on assignment with the FBI and is of no help at all. Not to mention she really doesn’t want to talk to him right now anyways. There is lots of action and lots of drama in this installment. Lots of fun readings too. I love the way her psychic ability works. Just love it. All the messes that Abby and also her sister get themselves into just makes the read so exciting.

Now I will say I love Abby, she is a quick-witted, smart, and pretty brave soul. She drove me nuts in this book though when it came to dutch. Dutch has made it know he wants her and her jealousy just is immature and gets in the way. I wanted to yell at her and say grow up… its his job, she is his partner. Leave it alone. But she never listened. She drove me insane. Even at this though I still love her character. I love how she leaves nothing alone. I love the loyalty she has to dog, her friends, and her town. I love that she sometimes goes running in head first. She thinks she has it under control and of course her spirit guides and ability helps but she still always ends up in trouble. I guess where would the story go if she didn’t

Dutch wasn’t in this book much and I did miss him, but her sister Kat was in the book more and I was introduced to a new friend that also has a physic ability, and of course, Dutch’s old partner Miles was in the story quite a bit too. So even though Dutch wasn’t around much there were plenty of characters to take up the slack. I did miss the romantic banter though.

I love this series and plan to read them all. I like to listen to them on audio because they are fast reads, my only complaint about the audio is the narrator sounds a little too old for Abby.

Great paranormal plus cozy mystery read. Can’t wait for more.

Victoria Laurie
Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of 30 books and counting. Victoria divides her time between her two adult mystery series, (The Psychic Eye Mysteries, and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries), and a Y/A thriller, When (Formerly titled Death Date), to be released in early January of 2015.
As a professional psychic, Victoria's protagonists - psychic Abigail Cooper, and spiritual medium M. J. Holliday - tackle the tricky world of the paranormal while fighting bad guys and demons with plenty of plucky humor and determination.
And using that keen understanding of the paranormal, Victoria also created the character of Maddie Fynn, a teenager with the unique intuitive ability to predict the exact date of someone's death.
To showcase her writing range, Victoria has also penned a children's epic adventure series, The Oracles of Delphi Keep.

Cover Up: It's Good to be Green Picture Books

This feature I will just gab, remark, feature book covers. 

For this Cover Up we will be featuring our favorite children's picture books, with primarily green covers.

Flora and the Peacocks
Flora and the Peacocks by Molly Idle

The darling, dancing Flora is back, and this time she's found two new friends: a pair of peacocks! But amidst the fanning feathers and mirrored movements, Flora realizes that the push and pull between three friends can be a delicate dance. Will this trio find a way to get back in step? In the third book featuring Flora and her feathered friends, Molly Idle's gorgeous art combines with clever flaps to reveal that no matter the challenges, true friends will always find a way to dance, leap, and soar—together.

The Dead Bird
The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown

One day, the children find a bird lying on its side with its eyes closed and no heartbeat. They are very sorry, so they decide to say good-bye. In the park, they dig a hole for the bird and cover it with warm sweet-ferns and flowers. Finally, they sing sweet songs to send the little bird on its way.

Secret Tree Fort
Secret Tree Fort by Brianne Farley

Even a bookish big sister is drawn in by the promise of her imaginative sibling’s spectacular hideaway.
I have a secret tree fort, and YOU’RE NOT INVITED!
When two sisters are ushered outside to play, one sits under a tree with a book while the other regales her with descriptions of a cool fort in a tree that grows ever more fantastical in the telling. What will it take to get the older sister to look up? The promise of a water-balloon launcher in case of attack? A trapdoor to stargaze through? A crow’s nest from which to see how many whales pass by or to watch for pirates? Or the best part of all, which can’t be revealed, because it’s a secret

Sonya's Chickens
Sonya's Chickens by Phoebe Wahl

Sonya raises her three chickens from the time they are tiny chicks. She feeds them, shelters them and loves them. Everywhere Sonya goes, her chicks are peeping at her heels. Under her care, the chicks grow into hens and even give Sonya a wonderful gift: an egg! One night, Sonya hears noises coming from the chicken coop and discovers that one of her hens has disappeared. Where did the hen go? What happened to her? When Sonya discovers the answers, she learns some important truths about the interconnectedness of nature and the true joys and sorrows of caring for another creature.

Deer Dancer
Deer Dancer by Mary Lyn Ray

There’s a place I go that’s green and grass,
a place I thought that no one knew—
until the deer came.

Answer Me This: Video Games Vs. Board Games: What's Your Poison?

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 
A question will be asked and answers will be given by both Ash and Jenn. We hope you enjoy getting to know us outside of the bookshelves.

Do you like video games, or board games more? What are some of your favorites?


I like both. I have a huge soft spot for all kinds of games. In fact, my entire family does. We even have Finn playing games.

As far as video games, I like MMOs best, but I'll play almost anything. We have a PlayStation 4, an Xbox 360, and an Xbox 1 upstairs. 

Some of my favorite games on PlayStation and Xbox

Final Fantasy XKingdom HeartsSilent Hill HD Collection - Playstation 3The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4Left 4 Dead - Game of the Year Edition -Xbox 360Portal 2 - Xbox 360Call of Duty: Black Ops - Xbox 360BioShock: The Collection - Xbox One

I also absolutely love PC games. I actually prefer PC over console gaming. It's more what I grew up on. Sadly I don't have a PC to game on currently. Which makes me sad. I don't have time to game anymore anyway, and I remember how much it took over my life.
Some of my favorite games are:

Image result for guild warsRelated imageImage result for final fantasy 14 onlineImage result for star wars old republicImage result for the simsImage result for minecraft

Now as far as board games go, I have a ton of favorites of those too!

Some of them are...

Image result for sushi goImage result for go nuts for donuts gameImage result for last night on earthImage result for takenokoImage result for mysterium

There are so many other amazing board games, but these are some of my favorites currently. I could probably post about 50 more.


Oh, this is a loaded question. I like games of all kinds. Video games, card games, board games, games on my phone. I just like games. I like board games the best. It's a great way to be social with no awkward silence kind of moments or without someone being left out of a big group. It's also a great way to pass the time and also uses the brain and hands. Great for my ADD.

I grew up playing very few board games and all kinds of computer games and console games. I have had an Atari, Nintendos, PlayStations, and a couple of older ones I can't remember the names of. I even had Pong. My dad is a big video game person. So in my house right now we have a Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and 4 and Ash has the XBox One and XBox 360 and a PlayStation 4. We also have computers. So we do a lot of video game playing too. I did play board games at friends houses when I was a kid but at home, we never played board games just video games.

Once I was married and had my kids a little older I got into board games. You know the ones like Clue and Scrabble and Rummikub. We played those and one of our family favorites was Enchanted Forest. My son loved Sorry, Ash loved Clue. So we played those quite often. My son always at Sorry, that is probably why he loved it so much. We also played Phase 10, Yatzee, and all the UNO games they had out.
Later on, once the kids were almost grown we met some friends who were game board fanatics. They introduced us to what really exists in the boardgame world and not sorry to say, Monopoly, scrabble, and Sorry.. no longer played here. We found way more fun games... unless you like those games then yes they can be fun too. We do still like Clue and Enchanted Forest and Phase 10...but our world has expanded.Seriously you should see our game closet. We have even joined monthly board game box subscriptions. We currently have over 130 board games. We don't plan to stop anytime soon. 

Here are some views of the game closet. I can't get it all in one picture as it's in a hallway so I can't stand far enough back. 

It is pretty much full though and I am getting a new buffet cabinet for the dining room on Friday. This will be in the dining room.... which is where my big table is specifically for game playing... and more games will go in there. We like to have monthly game nights... it doesn't always work out with our schedules though. 

So some of my favorites... well that is hard but here are some that come to mind. 

Some of my favorite video games...

Or anything Final Fantasy. Right now I am playing Final Fantasy 12 however X-2 so far is my favorite.

I have played Sims since Sims 1st came out.

and of course I have always had a heart for World of Warcraft but I have not played it in a long time because it takes all my time. I also loved playing City of Heroes... but that game is no more.

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